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Rabbit law
Rabbits are illegal to own as pets in Queensland.

Rabbit families
Male rabbits are called "bucks", females are "does" (and are larger) and youngsters are "kittens"

A group is known as a "herd" and can live in a "warren"

Rabbit life
Rabbits are most active at dawn and twilight and can have a lifespan beyond 10 years

Rabbit mates
Rabbits should be desexed especially if you are keeping pairs as they will either breed or fight. Non-desexed rabbits will also mark your house with droppings.

Rabbit food
Rabbits are vegetarians and have a great ability to digest fibre. To do this they digest food twice, eating their own droppings - a vice in other animals but normal in the rabbit. Rabbit diet consists of vegetables, hay and pellets, with a good quality oat hay being of primary importance to keeping your bunny healthy.

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