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A man climbed over a fence into a field to pick some flowers. He noticed a bull nearby.
Say, farmer. Is that bull safe? Well, he's a lot safer than you are right now!

A summer visitor asked the farmer how long cows should be milked.
"Oh, I reckon about the same as short ones!" the farmer answered.

Cow: Why don't you shoo those flies? Bull: I'll let them go barefoot!

Did you hear about the farmer who lost control of his tractor in the cow pasture?
No! Did he hurt the cows? No, he just grazed them!

Did you hear about the snobby cow? She thought she was a cutlet above the rest!

Did you hear that Canada sold the U.S. a large herd of bison?
Did Canada send the U.S. a buffalo bill?

Did you know that I'm a dairy maid at a chocolate factory?
That's strange. What do you do? I milk chocolates!

Does running out of a burning barn make a cow unusual? No, only medium rare!

How did cows feel when the branding iron was invented?
They were very impressed!

How did that bullfight come out? Oh, it was a toss-up!

How did the calf's final exam turn out? Grade A!

How did the cow feel when she couldn't give any milk? Like an udder failure!

How did the farmer find his lost cow? He tractor down

How do bulls drive their cars? They steer them!

How do you make a milkshake? Give a cow a pogo stick.

How does a cow do sums? With a cowculator!

How to you know that cows will be in heaven? It's a place of udder delight.

I broke three wild bulls this morning. How careless of you!

I can't decide whether to buy a bicycle or a cow for my farm.
Well, wouldn't you look silly riding a cow?
I'd look a darn sight sillier trying to milk a bicycle!

I hear you take milk baths. That's right. Why?
I can't find a cow tall enough for a shower!

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